I am kind of very busy person and my mostly time spend in the office. So in a year I use to spend my 1 month with my family. We go to different holiday vacation so through this post I am gonna share my experience with you and may be which will help you too if you are planning something like it. So I went to the Jakarta. It is a really very good and beautiful place. The food and the restaurants were very good. The coniferous forest and the beaches of it are really mesmerizing. Having the wine with salads and snack on the exotic beaches of it is really worth the expense you gonna make there. And* if you got to try something thrilling except the other attractions then you must try the airboats.

At first I really couldn’t gather my guts to have a ride on it. But then I went to the guy who was managing all the arrangements of boats there and he assured me that nothing can go wrong if I got the life jackets on. The archipelago and the lakes in between can also make your heart pounding as happened with me. In my case I went there with holiday trip from my office by a luxurious cruise. It was really a best trip of mine.

Along with this there are so many casinos where I played many games. The dress codes of the bar girls and the bar tenders was really nice and the food and drink which they were offering that was also very well served. So I played many games but the most excited and amazing pokie was thousand islands and south park. Basically it was 3 reel one line of the pay poker machine. You can win an exiciting rewards and cash through online Pokies Games. If you want to try this machine without spending any single penny then it must be a great choice for the . So you should go for it and get a chance of winning it. And if you want to win a big amount then this is definitely for you guys.
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